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FA2002i, downloader and data translator.

DataMaster II , continuous contract builder.


DataMaster II

Data Master II now has the following features implemented and fully functional:  

 the Task Wizard which can create tasks to build different types of Continuous Contracts and spreads.

 the Edit Task feature which allows you to easily modify the properties of a Task 

 the Data Explorer which allows you to scan through your data files, edit them, and view their charts, 

 Roll-over reports,


What is Data Master II ? 

Data Master II is a utility program which creates the most sought after contract, the Continuous Contract. This program was conceptually designed so that you only need to activate those features that you require, thereby custom fitting the application to your needs.

The basic version of Data Master II requires you to define the redundant and boring task of creating a Continuous Contract only once! It then maintains your continuous contract data base so efficiently that you will not have to work with Data Master II again, just leave the task launcher running in the background. Simply schedule Data Master II to launch itself after TradeStation has saved its daily data and Data Master II will automatically update all your continuous contracts and print out a roll-over report. Along with this automated maintenance, Data Master II seamlessly integrates its data with Omega TradeStation and SuperCharts. As well, its translate engine allows you to create weekly and monthly charts out of your existing daily data. This is the heart of Data Master II.